Our partner guardianship company is fully accredited by AEGIS for guidance on good practice. This means the practice and processes have been thoroughly inspected and audited, and we can, therefore, guarantee that they will act in your child’s best interest all the times.

We offer parents a comprehensive package where we act on your behalf to look after your child from the moment they are accepted into their chosen school. We assign an educational guardian dedicated to look after your child’s well-being, to manage communications with the school, housemaster/mistress, host family, medical service and much more.

Our guardian offers complete attention and care, ensuring a safe environment and can be accessible 24 hours if there is an emergency.



Speak to our specialist International Education Consultants

If you would like to speak to one of our UK and international educational consultants, please contact us for further information at JMS Global Consultancy.

Alternatively, complete an enquiry form. We assist families across Hong Kong, China (including Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen), Asia Pacific, Dubai and Doha.



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