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Chase Grammar School, Convent Close, Cannock, WS11 OUR

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School Profile:

Chase Grammar School is a small Co-educational boarding school which is located in the suburbs of central England. It now provides about 300 students annually from Secondary One to College Entrance Examination courses. Starting from the 2018/19 school year, the school has set up a one-year university foundation class (University Foundation) in the preparatory stage to provide students with options beyond traditional college entrance examination courses. 
Chase Grammar School has begun to recruit students from all over the world many years ago. It has rich experience in educating and caring for international students, and understands the security and care that international students need when they live in other places. Chase Grammar School is committed to implementing small class teaching, with an average of 15 students per class, so that teachers have more time to understand and follow up on the progress of students, and provide appropriate education and support for students of varying degrees. 



Academic Success:

Pre A-levels is a bridge for many international students to transition to mainstream boarding schools in the UK. Students who take the college entrance examination preparation class at Chase Grammar School will study English, mathematics, science, business and computer science, and can progress to the UK college entrance examination course after completing the course. 
In the 2019 A-levels, a total of 55% of students obtained A*-B and 30% of students obtained A*-A. 

University Destination:


Boarding and Pastoral Care for students:

The school also provides guardian services for international students, so that students can continue to stay in the dormitory during half-terms (Half-Terms), avoiding the trouble of traveling to and from the host family, and saving parents the expense of hiring British guardian company services. 

Extracurricular Activities:

Art center, indoor sports field, computer room, medical center, library, artificial grass sports field, etc.
Cross-country, track and field, badminton, basketball, cricket, hockey, Netball, football, swimming, tennis, ballet, dance, drama production, Edinburgh rewards program, choir, various musical instruments, orchestra, etc.



Sporting activities -



Music activities -



Languages -



Club activities - 




School Ranking 2019 

A-Level A* - A


A-Level A* - B




GCSE 9 - 7


GCSE 9 - 4




School Fees

 Year 7  - £32,448

 Year 8  - £32,448

 Year 9  - £32,448

 Year 10  - £32,448

 Year 11  -  £32,448

 Year 12  - £32,448

 Year 13  - £






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