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  South East England

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Dover College, Effingham Crescent, Dover, Kent,  CT17 9RH

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School Profile:

Dover College is a co-education school which is located in Dover, a port city in the southeast of England. About 60% of the students are British students, 10% are local boarders, and about 30% are international students from more than 30 different countries. For the first semester of the Foundation Year, Dover College also arranges for exchange students in Europe. They will take a semester to a year of courses to promote mutual cultural exchange. 

Academic Success:

In addition to providing academic college entrance examination courses, the school also has the British National Higher Diploma in Business and Tourism courses (BTEC Level 3 Business Studies, Travel and Tourism). The school has a special three-year college entrance examination course, about 10 to 15 people in one class, in order to help less advanced international students, adapt to British education as soon as possible, have better performance in self-selected subjects, and improve learning efficiency. The school will provide intensive English courses for international students, and senior instructors will assist students to cope with IELTS exams. 

University Destination:

30% of students achieved A*-B in the 2019 college entrance examination, Graduates can successfully advance to Imperial College, Exeter, Queen Mary, London School of Economics, Universities such as Royal College of Music and Edinburgh

Boarding and Pastoral Care for students:

In terms of accommodation, the school has 4 dormitory rooms, with a maximum of 4 students in the same room in the middle school, two in the same room from the 4th to 5th school, and a single room in the 6th school. The dormitory supervises students' behavior and takes care of daily life, and professional instructors help students solve their homework problems. The well-equipped medical center has 24-hour nurses on duty to take turns taking care of students' health.

Extracurricular Activities:

Dover College has complete facilities and a wide range of extracurricular activities. In addition to traditional sports such as basketball and football, there are horse riding and sailing. The school will also arrange students to visit dramas, choirs, art galleries and museums in London to increase 
In addition, the school requires students to participate in a week-long outdoor training to develop teamwork and leadership skills. Tutors will assess students’ learning status and potential and guide them to achieve their goals


Sporting activities -



Music activities -



Languages -



Club activities - 




School Ranking 2019 

A Level A* - A


A Level A* - B



GCSE 9 - 7

GCSE 9 - 4



School Fees

 Year 7  -  £27,225

 Year 8  -  £27,225

 Year 9  -  £34,650

 Year 10  -  £34,650

 Year 11  -  £34,650

 Year 12  -  £34,650

 Year 13  -  £34,650






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