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Kent College Canterbury, Whitstable Road, Rough Common, Canterbury CT2 9DT

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School Profile:

Kent College, Canterbury is located on the edge of Canterbury city centre of southeast  England, occupies 280 acres, about 60 minutes drive from London, and only 20 minutes to and from the main railway. Originally a boys' school, it was turned into girls' school in 1970. There are about 500 students, and about one-third are boarding students. International students come from more than 40 countries and have a strong multicultural atmosphere. International students can participate in small class English tutoring classes to improve their English. 

Academic Success:

Kent College, Canterbury has an excellent reputation and is known for cultivating high-quality and outstanding students. There are many choices for exam subjects, including dance subjects, students can study jazz dance, modern dance and Brazilian war dance, etc., and the performance of students has always been very prominent. There are more than 30 college entrance examination subjects, more particularly including drama, music and psychology. 
In terms of academic achievements, 66% of students achieved A*-B and A*/A in 36% in 2019. 

University Destination:

Graduates were admitted to universities such as Durham, Exeter, Bristol, University College London and Bath. 

Boarding and Pastoral Care for students:

The school has five dormitory rooms, with up to four junior high school students sharing a room, while the secondary six students have separate rooms. The learning environment is excellent and comfortable
The International Learning Center (ISC) provides special tutoring for students who need to improve their English. The teacher-student ratio is one to six, and students can get more attention. And each student has a personal tutor, who can provide assistance at any time and keep in touch with parents to help them understand the student's progress. 

Extracurricular Activities:

Facilities for extracurricular activities are complete, including dance rooms, gymnasiums and equestrian centers. Excellent sports training, especially dance and hockey. In terms of art, there are many drama repertoires, art exhibitions and concerts every year, allowing students to be creative. After school and on weekends, students can participate in horse riding or various activities. Kent College and Canterbury also set up their own farms, and the agricultural products produced were awarded at the exhibition. 
Art center, equestrian center, fitness room, music building, dance room, indoor sports field, computer room, farm, medical center, library, artificial grass sports field, etc.


Sporting activities -



Music activities -



Languages -



Club activities - 




School Ranking 2019 

A-Level A* - A


A-Level A* - B



GCSE 9 - 7


GCSE 9 - 4




School Fees

 Year 7  -  £

 Year 8  -  £

 Year 9  -  £

 Year 10  -  £

 Year 11  -  £

 Year 12  -  £

 Year 13  -  £






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