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Leighton Park School, Shinfield Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 7ED

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Leighton Park School is a co-educational day and boarding school for pupils aged 11 – 18 in the beautiful 60-acre park on the outskirts of Reading with access to excellent rail, road links and only 45 minutes’ drive from Central London and Heathrow Airport.

School Profile:

The school aim to help every student achieve their full potential academically and personally. Academic success is undeniably important, but it is only one facet of the rounded education that young people need to equip them for a successful and fulfilled adult life.  The students encounter the core values that Quakerism espouses and emerge from Leighton Park as well-balanced, confident life-long learners, with their strengths and talents and eager to contribute fully to society.

They seek to create a community of tolerance and understanding within which a balance between discipline, especially self-discipline, freedom and exploration are maintained. The students display a maturity which is distinctive because they are treated with respect and encouraged to develop their independence. They experience a purposeful academic environment, but also have enormous fun and are prepared for life beyond school through a curriculum and approach to teaching and learning which acknowledges that we live in a rapidly changing world.

Quaker Ethos at Leighton Park

The Religious Society of Friends Quakers value community of many faiths which continues to uphold the Quaker values of honesty, integrity, simplicity, equality, peace, sustainability and respect each other.

International Scholarships

The school offer academic, music, dance, drama, art and sports scholarships to current and prospective students. These typically represent 10% of a day student’s fees.  It is important that the support they receive to develop their talents and excel in their field.

The scholarships awarded to students entering years 7, 9 and Sixth Form based on a competitive exam. Scholarships last throughout a student’s time at the School, subject to satisfactory performance.

Academic Success:

Leighton Park School aim to provide a high education that brings out the determination, courage, happiness, civic-mindedness and kindness. At the end of Sixth Form, move on to the next stage of your life with clarity and confidence.

After exams, 95% of the Sixth Form students go on to Higher Education. But whatever your ambitions, the school will do all they can to help the student achieve their potential.  In 2009, 56% of grades achieved were A*/B, placing and the top-performing school in Berkshire, for academic progress made by the students.

University Destination:

The students accept offers from many different universities in the UK and abroad. Degree choices are varied but often reflect our strengths in STEAM, Music and Business. Last year 80% went on to STEAM degrees, while 32% went on to Creative Arts subjects and 42% went on to research-intensive Russell Group universities.  The school offer specialist pathways for the student considering to Oxbridge Medicine and Law.

Boarding and Pastoral Care for students:

The modern Boarding for girls and boys and it is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their independence and grow as individuals. Boarders enjoy a warm welcoming home from home with the support and facilities to excel.  Each House is like its own community, with dedicated staff and plenty of opportunities to socialise.

The Fryer Boarding House is being treated to a complete refurbishment, offering modern, comfortable boarding accommodation for our 11 and 12-year-old boarders. The increase in boarding capacity will support the School's aim of increasing the number of boarding students at Leighton Park.  The kitchen and living areas provide places for boys and girls to make snacks and hot drinks, chat with one another and House staff, play games and relax.

A healthy diet is the most important nutrition particularly for boarders who have so many of their meals with us. The school believes that giving students nourishing, balanced meals and a wide variety of choice will set them up for whatever the day holds.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the Oakview restaurant every day, catering to all dietary and cultural requirements.

Leighton Park School takes care of student and the responsibility for your child’s well-being and happiness very seriously.  The small size of the community means that teacher to know each student as an individual and meaningful connections are made.

The school believes that pupils are entitled to explanation and discussion, which encourages self-discipline.  As the Quaker values of honesty, integrity and equality underpin the relationships between students and teachers, with an emphasis on mutual respect. The School looks out for each other in the same way any family would.

Extracurricular Activities:

Leighton Park School has a wide range of high-quality sports facilities indoor and outdoor sports facilities including an all-weather tennis court, a floodlit astroturf pitch, an indoor swimming pool, sports hall and the 60-acre playing field, gymnasium and 9 full-size tennis courts.   The brand new dance studio opened in 2018 equipped with a fully mirrored wall, double ballet bar, air conditioning and harlequin sprung flooring.

Younger students do three activities a week or more, while older students are guided to develop a balanced programme as a counterpoise to their academic studies and to develop their leadership skills.  With over 90 activities per term, there are plenty of exciting things for our students to try, from dance to electronics, chess to yoga – as well as off-site activities including sailing and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.



Sporting activities -



Music activities -



Languages -



Club activities - 




School Ranking 2019 

A-Level A* - A


A-Level A* - B




GCSE 9 - 7


GCSE 9 - 4



IB Result 




School Fees

 Year 7  - £37,170

 Year 8  - £37,170

 Year 9  - £37,170

 Year 10  - £37,170

 Year 11  -  £37,170

 Year 12  - £37,170

 Year 13  - £37,170






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