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  Midland of  England

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  A-Level & GCSE 


Wood Road, Wolverhampton, WV6 8QX,England

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School Profile:

Tettenhall College is a co-educational boarding school for boys and girls. Located near Birmingham in the Midwest of England,. The current number of students is more than 400, and the teacher-student ratio is 1:9. The school provides a comprehensive education system. Students from 3 to 7 years old can go to the school's kindergarten drive school and transfer to the school's primary school at the appropriate age. Most students are able to progress to Tettenhall College.


Academic Success:

The school strongly encourages teachers to use activity teaching to make students easy to absorb and understand; for example, classroom learning, field activities and visits. The school will also have multiple exchange student programs with European schools. In addition, computer application is another link that the school attaches importance to. All students can learn the latest computer knowledge, software use, network tools, etc. in the school’s computer room. The school also provides scholarships to students with outstanding academic achievements, as well as students who have outstanding performance in music, art and sports. In the public examinations in the UK, 28% of the students obtained A*/A in the GCSE test; 25% of the students obtained A*-B in the A Level, and many students were accepted by famous universities in the UK

University Destination:


Boarding and Pastoral Care for students:


Extracurricular Activities:

Tettenhall College hopes that students can actively participate in the school's music activities, and most students will learn one or more musical instruments. In addition to painting, students will also be encouraged to try out extracurricular activities such as ceramics, carving, printing and design. In addition, all students have the opportunity to participate in painting, and there is a well-equipped drama studio next to the opera house. Tettenhall College also encourages students to participate in a variety of sports activities. The school has more comprehensive sports facilities, including an indoor heated swimming pool, a sports center, squash courts, tennis courts, football and hockey courts, etc.

The school offers multiple choices of extracurricular activities, such as canoeing, dancing, karate and speech training. The Duke of Edinburgh’s reward program is one of the most popular activities on campus. In addition, the school often arranges and organizes tours to visit different places.




Sporting activities -



Music activities -



Languages -



Club activities - 




School Ranking 2019 

A-Level A* - A


A-Level A* - B




GCSE 9 - 7


GCSE 9 - 4




School Fees

 Year 7  - £31,134

 Year 8  - £31,134

 Year 9  - £31,134

 Year 10  - £33,498

 Year 11  -  £33,498

 Year 12  - £33,498

 Year 13  - £33,498






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