Preparation For The UK

When sending your child abroad, there is so much to consider. However our UK and international educational consultants will put your mind at rest. From finding the right school to preparing for the interview, we will guide you through absolutely everything. We've successfully helped students in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and South East Asia, and we can help you to unlock the opportunity of studying in the UK.


Relocation Solutions

Our relocation solutions will make sure your childs transition from their home to studying and staying in the UK is safe and happy one  more  

Student Visas

Once your child has been accepted into a school, the next stage is to apply for a visa. Applying for a visa can be complicated but our UK and international educational consultants ...  more  

IELTS Preparation

JMS Global Consultancy provides an online IELTS preparation course for students to achieve the standard of English required for studying abroad.  more