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When sending your child abroad, there is so much to consider. However our UK and international educational consultants will put your mind at rest. From finding the right school to preparing for the interview, we will guide you through absolutely everything. We've successfully helped students in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and South East Asia, and we can help you to unlock the opportunity of studying in the UK.





School Selection Advice

There are over 500 boarding schools in the UK and each one has unique strengths. So the first step is for us to understand your child's interests so that we can match them with the right school. If your child is interested in sports, music or a particular subject, our UK and international educational consultants can use UK school league tables to draw up a shortlist of the strongest schools in that area.

Once you have decided on the schools, the next stage is the interview. Normally this is held on campus but these are can also be completed online. If you would like to make a school visit, we can also make the necessary arrangements. Prior to the interview, our education consultants will provide guidance and advice to give your child the best chance of succeeding. We will also conduct practice interviews so your child is fully prepared.











Application Procedures

 March - April

  • Initial consultation of UK boarding school
  • Guidance of documentation and procedures

 May - June

  • Reviewing the documentation
  • Selection of around 5 Schools
  • Preparation of entrance exam or UKiset

In general most of the examinations are held between September to November. For a few schools, examination for students are held in January.

  July – November

  • Conducting examinations and interviews
  • Submitting application
  • Registration fees

  November - December

  • Waiting for results of the examinations

  Examination results should be released.


  January - February

  • Acceptance and securing offers
  • Students must have submitted the reservation fees on or before a specific date

 March - May

  • Our education consultant will assist parents and pupils for guardianship
  • Identifying the right guardianship programme for your needs
  • Checking and booking the flight ticket

 June - August

  • Apply for a student visa application
  • Reviewing all documentation

 August - September

  • Packing clothes and items
  • Ready for school journey


If you're ready to study in a UK boarding school or would like to learn more about UK boarding school please contact us for further information at JMS Global Consultancy. Alternatively complete the enquiry form. We assist families across China (including Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen) and South East Asia (including Malaysia and Singapore).



Essential Items For Boarding Students

 It is often the little things that make the real difference when you are away from home.
Here is the ultimate packing list for children to make the boarding house feel like a home away from home.



 2x Bed Sheets

 Alarm Clock

Bathroom Items



Foreign Education Consultant in UK and Hong Kong
Beach Towel

 Shower Tote
Flip flops

Medical items 

First Aid Kit



 Study Items

USB Drive


Passport Photos

 Other Items

 Overnight Bag



 Cell Phone

 UK Adapter

Power Pack 
Name Labels

 Phone Charger


 Essential Clothing

 2x girls suit

 2x boys suit

 2x formal dress

 3x white shirt
3x sweaters
2x jeans

 5x T-shirts

 2x sport pants

Swim suit

 6x underwear

 6x socks

 2x pyjamas
Formal shoes
Casual shoes










The UK has some of the finest educational institutes in the world, from boarding schools to universities.

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