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Why Study in the UK?

The UK Education System

Stunning facilities, world-class teachers and unique culture make UK boarding schools the number one destination for students looking for the best in education. For those looking to begin successful careers in finance, politics or science, studying in the UK is the perfect foundation.

UK Boarding Schools are committed not just to academic success but in all round development, and research shows that the majority of students in UK boarding schools believe that their self-discipline, maturity and critical thinking has improved.

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World Renowed Academic Standards

Students passing through UK boarding school will receive qualifications that are recognised around the world. UK boarding schools have small classes and high standards, and students will quickly learn and develop in such environments. Excellent facilities and professional teachers will ensure that your child will receive an exceptional educational experience.





A Gateway to Top Universities

The vast majority of students attending UK boarding school go on to attend a top university. Just like UK  boarding schools, UK universities have an excellent reputation and are recognised around the world to be some of the best. Studying at a UK boarding school will give your child the best chance of entering one of the best universities in the world.


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Learn Independence

Studying at a UK boarding school is an excellent way to prepare for university life. In UK boarding school, pupils learn to live independently, manage their schedule and develop self-discipline. All of the traits which are required to study successfully at university.


A Unique Experience

Students studying in a UK boarding school will meet and make friends with pupils not just from the UK but from around the world. Students will learn about other cultures, make international friends and experience things which they will never be able to do at home.

Extracurricular Activities

UK boarding schools offer a range of extracurricular activities that many other schools simply cannot match. From debating societies to sports clubs, students have an unrivalled choice of activities when regular class is finished, helping them to become more developed and rounded individuals.


UK Education System


Comparison between HK and UK Education System






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